Sunday, July 5, 2015

Birth Announcement and little more from the life.

UMotherhood is fun and easy. Said no mum ever. But every moment is a moment to cherish. Well, not every moment. There are moments that we really wonder if we can handle them. But thankfully they don't last longer. If you've been reading my posts you already knew I was expecting my baby #2. I delivered a baby boy on may 27th at was a  quick birth compared to my daughter's birth. I am not comfortable enough to share my birth stoeries on a media though I like to keep a journal on pregnancy to birth. So if incase I want to get pregnant again I can read them and decide if I really want to go through it again. LOL! But I didn't keep a journal either.

I am trying to update the blog with the birth Announcement ever since my little handsome born. But couldn't finish editing the post.

He is pretty much sleep through the night. But almost awake in the day time. When he is awaken he wanted to be held and rock all day. It's hard to calm him down otherwise.

Whenever he crying dear daughter scream and cry if everyone at home giving their attention to her brother to calm him down. It's quite frustrating so I try to take care of little handsome everytime because dear daughter doesn't like anyone else to give their attention to her new brother. because she was the only one ruling the home last two years. I don't expect her to understand that he also need everyone's love and attention just like her. She is too small to act like a big sister. I hope she will share and get along with him as they grow up. I can say she really like him because she checking him out every now and then though it's hard her to accept the new change completely. I see it as a good sign.

We are trying to pay a little extra attention for her as she is being more adamant and having tantrums almost all day which I think to grab the attention. She usually used to have evening tantrums and now her brother join with her to give some real fun of motherhood to their mummy. Thankfully I don't face these crying and screaming all alone, Because my family is helping with me to take care of the kids.

Anyway, I know raising kids not easy. I am not regretting to be a mom either. They made my life fulfilled.

II don't want to bore you with more. But I really like to talk about kids. Meet you in another post soon. Good Day to you!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Janet NATURAL FINISH Powder-N-Blush Review

Janet is a local brand of skincare and makeup products in Sri Lanka. If your a Sri Lankan you may know this brand because it is one old and famous brand here. If you are not a Sri Lankan then you probably won't even know the name. But still you can read this post if you are interested.

I've already done a review of Janet Strawberry Face wash. Reason I like to buy local products is they are not pricey. Lets get into the review.

Janet NATURAL FINISH Powder-N-Blush

Product claims 'A sheer fine face powder & blush-on smoothens & perfects for a lasting silky natural glow. enriched with milk, minerals & natural vitamins.'
This Powder-N-Blush is one of my first makeup products. I loved using it because I had oily skin problem earlier and this product is something my skin get along with. I don't have oily skin problem now though I repurchased it because it doesn't seem like I wear makeup on but it does brighten my skin-tone. I don't know if I mention on my earlier posts that I don't like heavy makeup on casual day out or for everyday makeup rather than a occasion.

This product just gives a finishing look for your makeup. You need to get several touch ups for a long makeup day. I loved wearing this with Janet Liquid Foundation but any foundation will work well with this. It does look good even without a foundation on but when I closely looked my face on a mirror I can see that powder settled in pores and it looked like my face dry out.

I've got No. 6- Deep Saffron which is pretty much goes well with medium and fairer skin tones. they instruct to apply all over face & neck using powder applicator that comes along with this. But I usually use a blush brush to apply it because its like too much of powder applied with applicator. It will soon fade off but I dont like that powder baby look on me. In case I applied with applicator I even use the blush brush to spread it evenly and dust off excess powder.

this is how it look when applied with its applicator.
  • Gives Natural look.
  • Brighten up the skin-tone
  • Smell really good.
  • Very cheap in price. its just Rs.340 and mostly available anywhere in Sri Lanka.
  • Doesn't long last.
  • Hate the applicator. It applied too much powder unevenly.
  • Powder settled in my pores. 
Overall I do love wearing this with foundation that need a powder touch up. Its a not so good and not really bad powder. I would recommend it if you want a powder that really cheap in price or if you like a powder for everyday use or just for touch up.
Check out my another powder review Oriflame very my no time for shine powder

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nappy Holder

Nappy holder/Diaper Stacker is a bag like a thing to organize your baby's nappies and diapers in one place. At the same time you can use it as a nursery decor while you hang it on the wall or in cribe or cot. Since I will be having my baby no2 anytime soon I need to keep everything ready and Keep all the newborn baby stuffs away from my daughter. Because she's likely to pull anything and everything at the home and her favourite game is to playing with clothes. So it's safe and convenience to hang them in the wall for me.

You can either buy or stich a nappy holder. But if you know to stich then  do it by yourself because it's very easy and moneysaving. You may not need lot of material either. And you can reuse any old clothes too.

So this is my first nappy ever. And I love it. Would you like to see a DIY post on this. Let me know...
Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I bought this LAKM E EYECONIC KAJAL after almost two years. I already reviewed H&M Solid Black Eyeliner and Golden rose dipliner which I being used. I usually don't buy any makeup or skincare products until I finished what I have already got. though I like to review every makeup products from all the brands I am afraid to buy them because I don't use makeup on daily basis. I don't know if I should mention this here. However I like to keep reviews on my used products so that I can look back on them and consider to buy them even after few years later.

you may hear a lot about LAKME EYECONIC KAJAL. But this is my version of review on this.


I've got LAKME EYECONIC KAJAL in Black. You also can find other colors on this range but black is my favorite and it goes well with every dress you wear. This KAJAL seems very promising as it claims 10 hours NO SMUDGE and WATERPROOF. I am not sure if this KAJAL completely works as it say. Because it Fades away when I rub or wash. This can be wash it off with soap and water but for safe side I use almond oil or olive oil as a makeup remover. some kajals and eyeliners cannot wipe away completely with almond or olive oil as they still leave some stain. But LAKME EYECONIC easily got removed completely. I dont know if this happens only with me because I've read many reviews telling how good this KAJAL is. Well, I have to say if comparing to the other kajals and eyeliners LAKME eyeconic doesn't smudge all over my eyes.  But it fades away.


  • Doesn't smudge all over my eyes.
  • Though its a kajal it look like an eyeliner pencil. which is very easy to use and I can control how dark and thick my eyeliner wanted to be.
  • Achieve a smokey eye look easily.

What I dont like about LAKME EYECONIC KAJAL are

  • Not completely Waterproof.
  • Need to draw two three strokes. Otherwise it has a pale black stain.
  • fades away soon. If I rub my eyes thoroughly with Kajal on my eyes it doesn't smudge but fades away.

    you can see one stroke is very pale. for dark black stain I drew several lines.

    After 45 minute I thoroughly rub it. one stroke line disappeared and other line almost fade away. if it take a little time to set in then 45 minute is more than enough. right?? and happily no smudge there.

    1st picture(left side) is after wash the lines with water and pat dry. you can see stains almost gone. second picture took after washing using soap.

  • However only thing I am happy to buy this because it doesn't smudge like other kajals. I have to draw many times to get a darker look but I am happy that I can remove them all easily.

    If you are looking for a Smudge proof Kajal then this is for you. If you like darker stain with waterproof one then this is definitely not for you. comment below and tell me what is your favorite kajal or eyeliner.

    Friday, April 17, 2015

    Recipe Time ~Cookies~

    Hi! here I am with my blog again. in my last post I told I will change my blog name this week. But I couldn't figure out a new name for my blog yet. I also think to change my blog appearance so tell me what you like and what should I change in my blog. I like to hear your ideas.

    So today I'm going to share one of the recipe we tried at home lately. If you've been reading my blog from the beginning you'll know that I love to test and try different recipes. check out my Recipe Time posts here. Since it is Holiday month I thought it would be great to share this recipe because you can make this for your kids.

    It's about Basic Sugar cookies on my Recipe Time series today. I found this recipe on Fauzia's Kitchen fun website which is one of my favorite food site. I also searched some other recipes on internet but this seems easiest and since its called Basic Sugar Cookies we thought to try it as this is our first cookie try out. WE means me and my sister. I should mention that my sister did the whole cooking proses and I only helped her to find the recipe. however, we both like to try new recipes together.

    I will only mention the ingredients list here. You can find the recipe on

    Basic Sugar Cookies

    • 225gm margarine/butter, room temperature
    • 200gm sugar
    • 1 egg
    • 360gm all-purpose flour
    • 1/4 tsp.salt
    • 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
    • 1 tsp. vanilla essence or almond extract

    you may add chocolate spreading and nuts for garnishing if you like.
    make sure not to add salt or just add less salt than the recipe if  Margarine/ Butter you are using is not unsalted. because our cookies turn out bit salty. But anyway I love it because it made our tea time special. I will try some more cookies recipes soon. beacuse I love homemade stuffs. I will share them through my Recipe Time posts.

    Have a nice day!!

    Friday, April 10, 2015

    Basics of DIY Hair Cut

    Have you ever cut your hair by your self? Does that sound risky?? for me its not. I agree that if you want to do a particular hair cut then you should meet a professional. I too ran to a hairdresser once or twice for a haircut but every 3 months I trim and cut my hair alone. though I couldn't cut my hair or someone else's like a professional do, I am OK with a simple layered hair or U,V cut with some bangs which I pretty much doing well. 

    I tried a long layered cut with my sister's hair by following step by step instructions in a ladies magazine. It came out perfect. but when I tried the same style with my hair, I found it bit difficult without a helper.

    I watched many you tubers doing DIY haircut videos. some are awesome and some girls just chopping their hair as they wish. A proper hair cut is very important because it can change your whole appearance. so be patient and take lot of time as possible when Doing it alone. 

    After practising over 4 years now I can do a simple hair cut alone. Cutting U or V cut is super easy for me and it gives an extra volume to my hair. and with some bangs it looks perfect. but If you afraid to do it by yourself don't ever try it. when you cutting your hair alone You should be confident and be ready to accept the outcome. 

    As I mentioned I've go through a lot of you tube videos and articles about hair cutting before I started doing it alone. 
    These are some basic Tips you will need when you cutting your hair alone. again to mention I am not a professional. I learned by practising and through experience. 
    1. Have Time
      never cut hair in hurry. stay calm and be patience. don't do any thing else while hair cutting. concentrate on what your doing.
    2. Plan
      plan how you going to cut hair. choosing a you tube video as a guide helps lot. And decide how much length you need. keep on mind when your hair dries it will look shorter.
    3. cut in front of a mirror. and have a sharp scissor, layer knife, hair clips, hair wools, comb, and a spray bottle. If you can have a helper with you who basically have any knowledge about hair cuts or at least a person who can tell if your cutting evenly on both sides. if not have an extra mirror for back view. 
    4. Every time cut a little hair at a time. and Do not ever cut a lot. because your hair look shorter when it dries. if you shorten your hair too much it will be more shorter when you tries to give a straight cut if in case your hair cut didn't came out well.. but if you cut carefully by following instructions there are no chances for mistakes.Check and measure the both sides to check if you cutting them in the same length. It will look bad when you didn't evenly cut on both sides. then your haircut will also look imperfect. 
    5. Keep your hair wet with a spray bottle or cut your hair after a bath. Our hair will be thinner and longer when its wet. apply some argon oil or conditioner your hair to manage it easier.
    Do not feel bad if you didn't get the look of your imagination. practise make everything perfect. I will share a you tube video I found sometimes ago which I think is easy and perfect way to trim my hair alone.

    and this one is the easiest and informative step by step by step Video tutorial ever. 
     I used this method to trim my haircut which I had by a hairdresser 3 months ago. 

    I haven't had a worst hair cut by trying to cut my hair alone until now. if you too want to cut your hair alone try on your own risk. 
    I know its very bad to not to add my own haircut pictures when I am talking so much about DIY haircut. But I'l do a picture tutorial on layer cut with a dummy or a model to show you how I am doing it. 
    Hope you Like this post. Comment your views, and experiences in hair cutting.
    Good Day to you!!

    Tuesday, April 7, 2015

    Back to Blog

    This is my first post almost after a year. I kinda quit blogging because of less access to the laptop and by being busy enjoying my motherhood with my daughter. I tried few mobile blog apps like blogger for mobile, Blogway but they are not easy to work like on computer. so I gave up that too.
    Now I think I can manage my time for blogging as my daughter is 2 years old. Though I am having my second baby in two more months, I still think I can find bit of time for myself to do stuffs I like.
    With this new start I thought like changing my blog name and domain because I want my blog and mehndi page and if I start something else to do in future should go by matching name. so people can identify my works through it. if you have any name suggestions let me know. 

    I will be update the blog with a new look and name withing a week. I hope you'll enjoy my posts as you do before. watch this space to see product reviews, food recipes, mummy things, random ladies stuffs and bit of my thoughts... see you!!!


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