Monday, July 30, 2012

International Giveaway On Vanity No Apologies

May be now you all know that I'm so in love with here is another news about a Giveaway.
Vanity No Apologies beauty & fashion blog now giving away loads of most wanted beauty stuffs for one of our make-up bag.
may be its me, you or another one. but why miss a chance.

Look at the picture,
Don't you feel you want them now

these are the items,

Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel, 
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick, 
L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick,
Elizabeth Grant gel perfume,
Colorbar Soft Touch Lipstick, 
Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick, 
Avon Matte Nail Enamel, 
Ambika Pillai Lipgloss, 
Colorbar Stick Concealer, 
Lotus Herbals Stick Foundation, 
Skin79 Pink and Gold BB Cream tubes, 
Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream, 
False Eye Lashes...

so why still waiting. click HERE to check your luck to win these lovely stuffs.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today Ramadhan's Special

Ramadhan is dought this is the month of fasting..but we had to make our tommy happy with foods after breaking the fast..sometimes feel lazy to make something special for ifthar,,.but for my husband I can't skip that.
so today I thought to try a new recipe..because I like to try new foods,,I can't explain my happiness when it turn out so good.don't ask me how I feel when it fail.because its terrible.:( 
but today no such husband kidded me till I prepare this..but it came out very Im happy..
here is STUFFED PITA BREAD which made my day special today.

I found this recipe on fauzia's kitchen fun website.I was bit afraid to cook it on a pan, as it look like a bun I thought it wil not cook in the middle well.but I'm is perfect.
I captured last three pieces as I thought to do this quick post.I fill it with a chicken filling.and had it with sos.

fauzia's kitchen fun website has lots of yummy recipes..I had tried few of them and I need to try all of them.:)
such a greediness.;) haha..anyway I'm linking her website here. so you can also try them.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reasons My Husband Drives Me Crazy

topic is bit funny, but actually it can be disaster at the same time, if my husband look in to it.. but so far as I know he never read any of my blog post.. ;)
there is a linky party going on Crazy Mama Drama Blogspot

here are the reasons my husband drives me crazy

#1 He never keep things in right place

if he wants something I have to find it for him, because he never remeber where he kept them. I dont know whether he lazy or crazy, he never put his clothes to wash until I found them dirt..

#2 Forgets the garbage bin

I can find snack packets, tissues, wasted papers at the floor or at the table. may be he forget that things must go in to garbage.

#3 Helping??

sometimes he is really kind to help me to clean home.but after he cleaning, I might have to clean again..

#4 Savings

when we shopping we dicide to pick up cheap and best things,,, when I choose one and he choose another one, by saying this is cheaper than that when they diffrent with 1 or 2 riyals. I stil cant understand his saving method, but better not talk about it as its really deep. ;)

after all, he is so depend on me when at home. I think thats because he trust me that I will take care of everything about him. eventhough he drives me crazy all the time,still he is the best Husband I can ever have. as same as this list I can listed even more about why he is the best husband I can ever have.

if you like my post then please follow me..and I really appreciate your feedbacks.
thanks to Crazy Mama Drama for hosting this linky party. really enjoyed this.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

janet Strawberry Deep Cleansing Face Wash Review

Since I start blogging, I haven't done a review post yet..soo I thought to share my thoughts on a product which I love these days..not because all the bloggers are doing it, but just for a change.
anyway here is my first review post ever,, it is about janet strawberry deep cleansing fash wash. when I started to use my first face wash (not this one) I had an extremly oily face. eventhough that product help me to reduce the extra oilness, but after 2, 3 years using it I felt that product quality is not like as I stop using it,and  went to another two more brands, but they let my face really dry.yet I have an oily face. so I stop using them too. and then 3 months before I picked up this one 'janet strawberry deep cleansing face wash' and it is really friendly to my face.

It says it is for normal-oily skin, and contain strawberry+aloe vera+sarsaparilla and vetrivel..
I love this tube for several reason,

1.I really love the color of this tube.
2.It smells so good. a refreshing smell. though I really cant say it is strawberry smell or what. because I am very poor in catching smells, But I can say its a natural's smell.
3. very soft foaming, mild and not much thick texture. but a little is more enough to whole face & neck. infact im using one tube nearly for a month.
4.I love the fresh cool feeling after wash it off. a really very cool feeling like menthol. I loved it.
5. it clear my face, removing make up and oilness, and not drying my skin. 
6. I felt it is a natural product. is a sri lankan product of janet ayurveda.
8.its having halal certificate of all ceylon jamiyyathul ulama. it means its free of animal fats and alcohol.

as I say before I really love the smell, for real it makes me to taste it. it taste like acid, as same as some creams taste. crazyness isn't? what else can say? but come on,  don't you ever taste such a smell product?

I move to another country so I'm not sure whether I can buy the same product again. a bit sad and curious to try a new one. so hopefully I can do another review post soon. because I find out it is much interesting.
soo its my review. let me know your views about this post..:D

P.S  :all the things I post about this product is in my opinion.make sure to buy products that suits your skin type.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pink Clouds~ Win a Bunch of Goodies from Seri Naturals

I was very Excited to see this Win a Bunch of Goodies from Seri Natural Giveaway on Pink Clouds Blog.because this gift pack content the things I really Love to try ever..such as Face washes, shower gel, and moisturizing lotions.
If you love them too, then what are you waiting for.. click here to enter to win a bunch of fruity goodies..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Past Is Always Past

When I am lonely, and there is no one to talk with, I used to talk to my self..(now don't think im a nut ;p)  but honestly Im talking to my self, Im arguing with me to know the facts, and rearrange my self. so if you want me to be a philosopher, better leave me alone.;) sooooooo,, In a lonely hour I was thinking about my past things, (such as my education, and some other things) and I started to regret some of them. and I started to fight with me to stop thinking.. but I couldn't. so finally I let my mind to remind all the things and I felt miserable. so I said to to my self,
" Past is always past.. may be it is bitter or it is more better than today. but neither you can change it nor you can have it again. stucking on the past may let you hopeless about the future. I know, sometimes its more harder to forget people who loves us, and it is even more harder to forget things which hurts us. however stupidity is nothing but stuck on something that we can never amend. To make our life happy, we should keep away things that can ruin our happiness. Past life is like a dustbin, no one like to peep on it, even though you throw something valuable in it, you never can have that after you throwing, because it is same as in life you never can have a moment you've had. because that moment is gone. And life gives us new things every day. everyones life may change at a moment. am I not Happy about the life Im having now? Im happy. u know it. I know that you always wants to forget things, that you just remind me. Im telling you, if you want to forget them, never remember. dont tell me, I tried hard to forget but I cant..remebering will never allow you to forget. in according to forget them you have throw them out. instead, remember the lessons past taught you. and remember not to repeat the same thing. because life is short, there no time to live if you started to regret.
and then I felt better to explain my self to not to stuck in past, as it is worthless. 

& now Im feeling much better to sharing them with you..

Sunday, July 8, 2012

~Preciouse Gift From God To Your Mom And Then To You.~

God makes bonds between us, from our mother's womb, till we die. even Before you born god made a bond between you and your mother. and while you grow, you eventually made a bond between your dad. as same as we all made bonds between the people around us. some may ever lasting, and few are broken in the halfway.
for me, my life is circled by those bonds. specially my mom, dad, brother, sister and very specially my husband. those people are who lives in my head always. unfortunately or fortunately (Im confused what to choose) whatever, I had to leave that circle as I moved to an other country to live with my loving husband. sadly Im missing my sister very much, who is very close me. I know she missing me too. :(
soo this post is dedicating to her and all the loving sisters who misssing thier sisters right now..yes, its about sisters.

as you grow up you may having a lots of friends,, no matter how many friend you've got. they will leave you someday, may be they never thought to leave you but with the time it happens. BUT  if you having a sister, it means a forever friend is with you. no matter she is elder or younger, she can be a good friend for you.

while all your friends are busy with thier lives, she will always with you.
when you feel alone, she will cares you..
she is someone who you can share all your sorrows and happiness along.
Perhaps at a time she is annoying, Sometimes she is arrogant..

But a sister,
who cares you, who supports you, who guide you, who listen to you when no one does, and someone who, you can discuss all the little funny things, and the one who fight with you all the time, & the one who loves you, next to your mom..
is very preciouse..arent she?

that is what 'She is a Gift to your mom from God for you'  

Pink Clouds Giveaway ~ Win a Shower Gel of your Choice from The Body Shop!

who hate fuits, me not. i know no one does. so the fruity you ever imaging to add some fruits to your bath.sounds good right?but how it possiible. you might already got some fruity flavoured facewash, shampoo, creams and many. just like that add some fruity flavoured shower gels to your essential daily bath. no dought fruits and its smells so refreshing and more will you refuse any chance to get them for free? I will never. because I love free stuffs ;) who you? so here you are..
NaturesVillage is sponsoring a shower gel giveaway from The body Shop, on pinkclouds  CLICK HERE to enter to win, smelly yummy shower gels for free..

Pink Clouds: Pink Clouds ~ Win a Shower Gel of your Choice from The Body Shop!

good luck.:) wish me the same ;) ;)


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