Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vaseline cocoa butter lotion & Blog Anniversary Alert

A year ago I started blogging to spend my leisure time. After a deep research I decided to blogging but I never knew I will ever going to continue this. I just needed to share my views and expect nothing in return.  In starting I was interested on writing general stuffs but lately I was more interest in writing reviews. Well, now as a mom I hardly find time to think random stuffs, but it’s easy for me to write reviews on products because I am a person who loves using varies products. I know you too love it. But you know what it means. I was completely inactive when I was pregnant due to my morning sickness and then shifting to Doha to Colombo. But now I am trying to write at least a post per week to keep my blog alive. But as I said, it is hard to find time to blogging because my baby needs more attention as she is still 2 month old. Any way I would like to THANK to all who supported me from the starting till now by commenting on posts and following my blog, and would like to thank silent readers too. And also I am planning on a Giveaway to celebrate my Blog anniversary. I haven’t yet decided when and what, but it will start soon for sure. Till then tell your friends about my blog. If you haven't follow my blog yet. you can do it now through Google Friend Connect. you can find it right side on the blog. And do  like my facebook page Blog Impulse to get updates. I also love to hear your advices and suggestions as it is my first GIVEAWAY. 

OK, Now lets have a look on what I take to review on this cozy rainy day.

Vaseline cocoa butter lotion

‘Vaseline cocoa butter deep conditioning body lotion with cocoa butter and vitamin E’ huh…what a big name it is!I bought this about 6 months ago and finished very recently. Don’t be surprise! I haven’t use this regularly. I was used to baby lotions lately and empty my baby’s lotion bottles. Yes, I know I might not do that! I will stop doing that right now, OK. now let’s see what Vaseline cocoa butter claims,

“Vaseline cocoa butter lotion melts into skin to smooth away roughness and the appearance of uneven areas, igniting skin’s natural glow at the source.
- Rich cocoa butter – helps even skin texture
- conditioning moisture – leave skin smooth and supple”

And it says to apply daily for healthy looking skin. I can’t clearly say it does its job as it claims. But I can see a different in my skin. Specially like my elbow areas. Since I have been using few other lotions and creams, I am not sure which cream done that job. I have a normal skin which dries only in climate changes or if use water.  In those times this lotion gives me enough moisture. Talking about texture, it has really watery kind texture. It seems like melting butterscotch ice cream. Yes, it looks like that.It gives a kind of wet feeling first but then absorb to skin and leave a moisture. Naturally my palms and feet are likely to sweat as always, and this lotion increases it. Other than that it has no greasy or sweaty effect on applied areas. My most favorite part in this lotion is it smell... have you ever eaten butter toffees? Mm... If you are a fan of it beware you may eat this. LOL! I looove this smell. And people at my home like ‘ Ahh we need toffees right now’. interestingly my husband like this lotion too. he is not a person who loves using creams and all. but he like this. Finally it is not best but something good for daily use.and also available in reasonable price.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Labello LIp Balms

I am girl who cannot leave her lips alone. Not just because they are dry at times but because I love them to shine and sparkle. Ok, I know who hates that!! But I don’t buy Lip balms and glosses occasionally. Unless I need one. For now I am using Labello Lip balms which I have been using over a year. They’ve got wide range of lip balms and lip glosses. Varity in taste and colour. I already reviewed a Labello lip gloss. I am currently using Labello Pure & natural MILK & HONEY  and Labello Angel Star. I have fallen in love with Labello Fruity Shine STRAWBERRY Lip Balm once. It was Reddish in color and smell so fruity. Suitable for those who afraid to wear Red Lipstic and for those who need to moisture their lips with bit of colour. Shortly girls like me!! I wonder why I haven’t buy that one again. May be its because I impelled to try other Labello stuffs too. God Knows! Anyway these are two little lovelies rule my lips for now…

Labello MILK & HONEY

Sweet smell of Honey and bit of cocoa butter gives an amazing feel of smell. I Totally love the smell. It doesn’t hit the nose at all. Shia Butter and Jojoba Oil in it makes Lips soft & moisturize well for hours… No need to apply as much of it on lips. Gives moisture and shine in first swipe. Suitable for day to day lip care. I do wear this on empty lips as well as a base before I apply any lip glosses. Because I hate that sticky and greasy effect of those lip glosses. So this give me a feel of                                 moisturize. This doesn’t stick or greasy.   

Labello Angel Star

its a party balm. yes! It has silver glitters in it, which gives a shimmering look to your lips. Comparing to milk and honey it is poor in moisture. But Smell delicious than that. It remembering the smell of bubblegum. leaves a cream like texture and gives a greasy type moisture for lips which I don’t like in it. Once it dry I feel it stick to my lips, even after I wash it off. Only thing I like is its smell and pale pink pigment.  I like wearing this for fancy, though it doesn’t moisture when my lips dry. it looks great on my lips along with lip liner and a gloss.


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