Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Labello Glamorous Gloss

Labello got a huge number of varies lip balms and lipgloss products. among them I have Labello Pure & Nature MILK & HONEY featured in my July Haul, Labello Fruity Shine STRAWBERRY anndd Labello Glamorous Gloss Natural. Today review is about Labello Glamorous Gloss Natural. I will do other two reviews later.

its a handy tube of lipgloss. easy to use, no need much space. cap is preventing from squeezing out. so I can carry it with me wherever I go.

  •  Texture - a thicky, sticky, light pinky texture.

  • Scent & colour - I was unable to catch the exact flavor or smell. it got a nice smell though. light pink liquid, yet nude when applied. gives a nice shine to nude lips. not too heavy, not too sparkle. gives an beautiful finish with a lip liner. 

Easy to spread to the lip corners with tube top. stand for a hour or so. fade out with leaving a light moisture. not too sticky for lips. overall I loved it.

PS : Sorry for the picture quality..



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