Friday, August 31, 2012

~Its Raining Beauty First Anniversary International Giveaway

Its Raining beauty blog Giving away some colourful products for her first year blog anniversary. there are 3 winners so hurry..

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~Lipgloss Affairs~ Favordeal Jewelry Giveaway~

Its been a while I post about a Giveaway.. I know There are many Giveaways running in many blogs. but for some reasons I have no time to blog about them all.
but anyway here another Giveaway news. there are some Giveaways going on Lipgloss Affairs Blog. This is one of it. an amazing jewelry Giveaway by Favordeal Jewelry.
look at them don't you want to grab them all.

But wait!! there are 3 winners and winners can choose 3 jewel pieces on thier choice.sound good right.:)
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NBBN Monthly Giveaway & Contest Alerts

Pick Your Piece International Giveaway! 1 winner 3 pieces of jewellery of your choice. Sponsored by
Purple Moments First giveaway - 75 + followers celebration Enter Smita's 75+ followers celebration.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round-up of Favourite post

Makeup and beauty !!! It is all about Samannita's mini haul from style craze.
Celebrating Feminity : Tanmayee reviews the Dr. OlenGin night cream
Cute nails : Puja purchased her first Sleek eyeshadow palette and a gorgeous nail paint kit. See what she did with her new nail paints.
The not so pink: Shivani reviews Avon color bliss lipstick

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little bit for Monsoon

Personally I'm not a person who thinks Rain is romantic. And not in interest in such filmy things during Rain. but I am not hating it either. Rather I can say Rain is relaxing,,, aaaaaannnnd Perfect for sleeping..
as I am now in middle east, Monsoon is not anyway here. But I have monsoon experience from my childhood. a bit hard season for skin and body. so thought to share some tips in general for monsoon.

  • Drink water. to keep your skin and body healthy. ya I know it makes to be in the Bathroom often. but  your skin needs water to keep moisture. 
  • choose hot Beverages than chilled soft drinks. cool drinks make you to go to bathroom soon than hot drinks. try if you not believe. anyway Having a cup of Hot COFFEE or Tea is most refreshing on rainy days.
  • after bath dry your hair properly, apply moisturize lotion, and lip balm. I don't like to oil my hair on this season. so I prefer leave on conditioner to avoid dry hair. Not good to go with gels, creams, moose or hair styles on monsoon.keep your hair natural is the best way.
  • wear a slipper or socks even at home. because the floor or tile may be cold these days. it can make cracks in your foots. or if you already having it'll be more painful to walking on the cold floor. better use an foot cream these days. 

Going Out

eeeewww.. Going out in monsoon is really annoying. if it is me I don't even keep my legs on the floor. but everyone can't avoid going out. you cannot predict when will the rain drop fall. So be ready.
  • never forget to bring an Umbrella in your bag.
  • Don't choose light color clothes which can spot mud or dirt soon.  choose dark color dresses instead.
    well if your schooling then no options. you may select a rain coat. I prefer to not to Expose on rainy days(actually not in any day) be sure to cover your self properly as a precaution in case you get wet. not a pleasure to see your undies over your clothes in a public bus. if it is, you have to face lots of unconfortables! what about a coat over your clothes or a stylish Raincoat.
    Here are few rainy day Outfits ideas from web..

  • another thing you have to keep on mind is to carry an waterproof bag. such as leather. because there is lot of chances to get wet, even you carry an umbrella. so keep it on mind to keep your things from get wet.
  • wear a pair of flip flop or flat shoes. can prevent you from slips, and easy to remove muds.
  • avoid over make ups. go normal. rather than make ups, keep your mind on skin to prevent it from being dry.choose a good moisturize lotion. choose a good misturizing cream for your face. and a lip balm. don't forget them in your bag when you go out. better avoid foundation if it is necessary just go with a simple make, Highlight your eyes with a pencil & waterproof mascara, and your lips with natural shades.
(P.S: Images are Googled. I don't Own them.)

Break The Silent

For the past few days I've been so silent on blogging and even on my facebook. I never been like that.I can't tolerate it anymore, so I thought this is the time to break my silent. but believe me that break is for an actual reason. :)

How was my Ramzan festival

you know last week we muslims completed our ramzan fasting and celibrate our festival. well actually even I have reasons to say this is my happiest ramzan, I can't say this is my best eid(festival) as long as it is without my whole family. me and my husband felt it hard. but thank god we got some wonderful friends like a family. we went to beach for a BBQ night and play games and had lots of fun. and the next day was dead tired so slept whole day.

What was my Eid special

I made some sweets gulab jamun, sweet and spicy bites, Wattalapan (a favourite dessert of sri lankan muslims..steamed pudding made from egg, coconut milk and jaggery.) 

What I did after ramzan

Nothing, but sleeping. nowadays I always looking for a sleep as I frequently feel exhausted.
and this weekend we again went to a BBQ night at beach. this time we spent there till sunrise. at 9.00 a.m we reached the home and slept like nothing.

What I am up to now

Well, having some posts on mind. Hope I can post them soon. looking forward to shop some products I need. under eye treatment, face scrub and moisturizing lotion is in top of the list. 

Thanks for new followers, You know I'm following you all back.. :) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round-up Of Favourite Posts


APOORVA WRITES :Apoorva reviews on a two way eye pencil from Revlon

Makeup Fashion & Everything I Like :A fun bright purple sparkly eye makeup look. Great for a summer day time going out look!

Makeup Is Art & Im An Artist !! A pop of colour from POPPY inspired by flowers series !! Sh@z does it once again !!

Celebrating Feminity : So a good way to scrub , Tanmayee reviews the Lotus white glow range scrub.

Makeup And Beauty !!! It is all about The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion product review from The Body Shop brand by Samannita.

Our External World : Wondering how to get gorgeous long nails - check out Shilpa's easy step by step tutorial on how to put on artificial nails.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Blog Award

YAY!! My first Blog award.

Thank you,, Nivedita of Indian Belle & Chic musings at for awarding me.. awards like this really an appreciation.

as per the Rules, I need to do:
  • Post 11 things about me.
  • Answer the taggers Questions
  • Tag and Pass Award to 11 other bloggers.
  • Create 11 Questions for the bloggers to Answer
  • Go to the bloggers page and Inform them about the Award.

11 things about me

  1. Reading is my childhood hobby. 
  2. I got married at my 19.
  3. my home town is Colombo, Sri lanka.
  4. Currently I'm living in Doha, qatar with my Husband.
  5. I'm a mehendi craze and I love collocting mehendi designs, appllying it on parms, and smelling it.
  6. I love Drinking Apple juice in the morning.
  7. Out of all the flavours in Ice cream, Strawberry is my all time favourite.
  8. Only thing I ever regret is that I left my studies without completing, even I got a chance to continue.
  9. I never had boyfriends.
  10. I love go out for a walk, and for shopping.
  11. I'm a coffee fan.

My Answers to Indianbelly 

  • What is that one moment of your life that you’ll cherish always?
    every moment in my wedding.

  • Your favourite colour is……
    currently Pink. often changing.

  • A woman from your family or acquaintance, apart from your mother, whom you adore and admire. My sister, I have lot of things to learn from her.

  • What is that one thing you look for, when you make friends for the first time?
    way of Talking..

  • What is your dream travel destination?
    Egypt. I was overwhelmed by pyramid stories.

  • Which female celebrity do you think is a real Indian woman, whom we all can relate to? no idea. what you think!!!
  • Suppose, you can buy only 1 item from these items— a fabulous LBD, a Revlon lipstick of your favourite shade and a designer leather bag. Which one would you choose?
    of course Designer leather bag.
  • Which place would you like to re-visit, given a choice?
    uphills, in Sri lanka. (including Nuwara eliya, bandarawela, kandy.)
  • Name three things you rely upon to give yourself an instant makeover on the days you don’t look your best.
    eye liner, lip balm and a smile.
  • Which female celebrity according to you needs a styling change and why?
    Priyanka chopra,  almost now everyone know about her brown lipstic. it would be nice if she go with suitable lipstic shade with her clothes.atleast for a change.
  •  A trend or a fad of yesteryears you are still in love with and may try out.
    make up..

My Answers for Chic musings

1) Do you believe in Serendipity? Yes
2) Which is your All-time-Fave Movie? Dilwale dulhaniya lejayenge
3) Do you like the color Yellow? Yes
4) Have you ever been in Love? Yes,, from the I was engaged to my husband
5) One Makeup thing, you can't live without? Eye Liner
6) Are you a Lipbalm Addict? Right
7) Did you fell and broke your teeth, when you were a kid? No, did you?
8) One Random word that comes to your mind. 'What to dinner'
9) Lipstick or Lipgloss? Lipgloss
10) If your Life was a movie, which it would be? No idea, :)
11) Pink or Pink? :P :P

and I tag this award to:

My questions,,

  1. What is your favourite place to spend holidays?
  2. What is your view toward makeup?
  3. Who is your favourite musician?
  4. Fruity smells or Flowers?
  5. How long you using a toothbrush?
  6. Which habit you wan't to stop, but you can't?
  7. Do you like pets?
  8. Do you believe world gonna end by this year as lot of predictions?
  9. Black or White?
  10. bangles or bracelets?
  11. How long your blogging?
I completed all the rules and Recieved my Award..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round-up of Favourite Posts


Apoorva Writes : Apoorva has written a post about Maybelline Fruity Jelly in Mad About Melon.

Cute nails : Puja did a mani inspired by the role of women for a private nail art contest and won it. She shares her mani's pics with us.

Purple Moments : Smita from Purple Moments posts about her new collective haul.

Makeup and beauty !!! Samannita from makeup and beauty posts about her makeup in a sunny day.

Make Up Fashion & Everything I Like : Shourima's EOTD inspired by Independence Day!

Celebrating Feminity :Tanmayee shares her online shopping experience with JABONG

Our External World : Shilpa from Our External World shares the reason God gave us 5 fingers - to showcase 5 beautiful nail paints all in one post!

Impulse : Shamsath reviewing her Secret Crush!

Ray- TheBeautySpecialist : Ray shows you an effective way to clean your paddle brush.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

~ Lipgloss Affairs 100 Followers International Giveaway ~

here another news about a Giveaway. lipgloss affairs Giving away loads of product to celibrate her 100 followers and birthday! hurry there's only one day left to enter.

not too late yet, enter HERE to win bundle of products..

~My Secret Crush~ review

being bit lazy these, not exactly lazy, exhausted by the Ifthar prorammes, and eid shopping. you know how it busy in the festival season.
so here today I came to my blogging world with another review post.
reviewing my 'Secret Crush' today..yes!! strait to the point!
I'm having a secret crush since last 2 months.ahh!! 
are you like "What"?????

No suspens!
meet my Secret Crush here,
Goya Secret Crush
it is a Body Spray comes with the name 'Secret Crush'.
before 2 months ago I bought from a local shop in sri lanka..
at the store I didn't like the smell though. I bought it only because my sister recommend it as a good smell. but nowadays I love to spray it after night bath.
so here my review for goya Secret Crush.

First of all I don't know why they name it as 'Secret Crush'. may be because it is perfect for a date night with your secret crush. or shall I say it is secret of crush..whatever!

  • Smell -  A strong smell. I feel it like baby colong. ideal for long lasting smell through out the leaves a powdery smell until next day. a loudy smell, so spraying a little is more enough.
  • How to spray - even if it is a body spray I feel like burning it on under arms. so I always spray it on my dress. except that I spray a little with 15cm distance on pulse areas, specially on two sides of neck
    tip: When you go out better spray it before 15 mins.
  • Why I like This - a thin pinky girlish bottle, can easily carrying with your bag, long lasting smell, and my hubby like it.
  • What I Hate In This I can't bear it's stongest scent if I spray a little more accidently. 
  • Will I recommend it - if you like srtong & long lasting baby colong smell then this is perfect for you. if your too sensitive to scents, then this is not the right product for you.
btw isn't it going well with my pinky backgroung? 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round-Up Of Favourite Posts


Impulse : All about Shamsath’s July Haul!

Makeup Fashion & Everything I Like : Shourima's favourite 6 Teen Teen & Miss Claire lipstick swatches!

Puja @ cutenails : Puja had a very good and fun time with her daughter while doing their nails with new OB stamping plates.

Ritu @ The Indian Beauty Blog : Ritu showcased her drool-worthy collection of lip-products, including a lot of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip-liners, lip-balms, and the famous MAC Lip Erase for pigmented lips.

Our External World : Take a look at how easily Shilpa creates this bridal nail art using gold peacock water decals. Check out the detailed step by step tutorial.

Makeup Is Art & Im An Artist!! Sh@z takes an extra step jumping from the wearable looks to fun colourful eye look inspired by Flowers !!

Makeup and Beauty!!! It’s about her first haul from The Body Shop store

Celebrating Feminity : Tanmayee is sharing some of the tips before planning a pregnancy, these are bits and pieces from her experience as a parent :)

Ray-TheBeautySpecialist! : Ray shares her five best aqua tipsfor beautiful you!

Chic Musing : Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel : Blunder. This is not a review, it’s an eye-opener 0_0

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Few Changes

I added few Changes to this blog, as I feel previous template is bit hard for eyes.and I love this editing stuffs.not only that, I always believe changes are must in everything. therefore I changed the template, but background is just same as before.let me know if you think it would better to make any further changes or if you like previous template.I'll consider all your suggestions.
welcome all new followers & readers to Impulse. it make me so happy when you commenting, liking, and following my posts. and It's my pleasure to reply and visit back to all your blogs and following back. If you have anything, just anything... to ask me, tell me.don't hesitate to mail can find furthermore details about me here. if you still didnt follow me then following options are right on the side bar. :)
and like my page IncentivePenNib on Facebook..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pink Clouds August Giveaway

There is a August Giveaway going On Pink Clouds..This time they giving away The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist. Yes,, you got the hurry Click The Link and enter to win..
Good luck..:)


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