Friday, May 15, 2015

Janet NATURAL FINISH Powder-N-Blush Review

Janet is a local brand of skincare and makeup products in Sri Lanka. If your a Sri Lankan you may know this brand because it is one old and famous brand here. If you are not a Sri Lankan then you probably won't even know the name. But still you can read this post if you are interested.

I've already done a review of Janet Strawberry Face wash. Reason I like to buy local products is they are not pricey. Lets get into the review.

Janet NATURAL FINISH Powder-N-Blush

Product claims 'A sheer fine face powder & blush-on smoothens & perfects for a lasting silky natural glow. enriched with milk, minerals & natural vitamins.'
This Powder-N-Blush is one of my first makeup products. I loved using it because I had oily skin problem earlier and this product is something my skin get along with. I don't have oily skin problem now though I repurchased it because it doesn't seem like I wear makeup on but it does brighten my skin-tone. I don't know if I mention on my earlier posts that I don't like heavy makeup on casual day out or for everyday makeup rather than a occasion.

This product just gives a finishing look for your makeup. You need to get several touch ups for a long makeup day. I loved wearing this with Janet Liquid Foundation but any foundation will work well with this. It does look good even without a foundation on but when I closely looked my face on a mirror I can see that powder settled in pores and it looked like my face dry out.

I've got No. 6- Deep Saffron which is pretty much goes well with medium and fairer skin tones. they instruct to apply all over face & neck using powder applicator that comes along with this. But I usually use a blush brush to apply it because its like too much of powder applied with applicator. It will soon fade off but I dont like that powder baby look on me. In case I applied with applicator I even use the blush brush to spread it evenly and dust off excess powder.

this is how it look when applied with its applicator.
  • Gives Natural look.
  • Brighten up the skin-tone
  • Smell really good.
  • Very cheap in price. its just Rs.340 and mostly available anywhere in Sri Lanka.
  • Doesn't long last.
  • Hate the applicator. It applied too much powder unevenly.
  • Powder settled in my pores. 
Overall I do love wearing this with foundation that need a powder touch up. Its a not so good and not really bad powder. I would recommend it if you want a powder that really cheap in price or if you like a powder for everyday use or just for touch up.
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nappy Holder

Nappy holder/Diaper Stacker is a bag like a thing to organize your baby's nappies and diapers in one place. At the same time you can use it as a nursery decor while you hang it on the wall or in cribe or cot. Since I will be having my baby no2 anytime soon I need to keep everything ready and Keep all the newborn baby stuffs away from my daughter. Because she's likely to pull anything and everything at the home and her favourite game is to playing with clothes. So it's safe and convenience to hang them in the wall for me.

You can either buy or stich a nappy holder. But if you know to stich then  do it by yourself because it's very easy and moneysaving. You may not need lot of material either. And you can reuse any old clothes too.

So this is my first nappy ever. And I love it. Would you like to see a DIY post on this. Let me know...
Have a good day!


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