Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Autumn Wishlist ~NBBN THEME POST~

Autumn is an awesome season.. lovely enviorenment, coloured autumn foliage is specially notable in this season. and climate changes, halloween celibrations are also happening around this season. although winter is not so far now. so NBBN group members choose Autumn/Halloween theme posts for this month. I already told about theme posts in my last month (theme) post. as a group activity I will publish a theme post every month.I saw some shops started autumn sales, so I thought to do a wishlist since I didn't try one yet. so here my Autumn Wishlist.

need some casual T-shirts. as my little baby bump is showing off now I feel more comfortable in free size dresses, and I don't want them to throw away right after pregnancy as well. 

winter is on the way, I may need some sweaters and overcoats..

didn't forget my theme 'Autumn'.. these dresses remembering me colourful tree leaves in autumn season.

so what you think about my Wishlist? share your opinions with me..

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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hi! I am back with my blog posts today review is about Solid Black Eyeliner pencil from H&M.
an eyeliner with me for a year now. use very often as always when I'm going out. brand name almost faded and its getting shorter day by day, so before I replace it I wanted to review it.

Dark black. stay until remove properly. smudge a little if wet. 

little clay like texture. easy to achieve a quick smoky look. 

No smudging at all if you never cry or if  keep your fingers away. Not too expensive and  I love using it. Will be the best daily use eye liner if it was water proofed. yet it is good. 

Comment below if you tried this. and tell me what is your best eyeliner.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pink Clouds: Robe your Wardrobe ~ Giveaway time!

an amazing Giveaway for shopping lovers from Pink clouds.. A chance to win free gift voucher from 20 Robe~
open only to Sri lanka.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pink Clouds: the Sugar Shack Giveaway!

Another Body Butter Giveaway on Pink Clouds.. Open Only To Sri Lanka.. I will be in Sri lanka very soon, So I don't want to miss this....:) :)
                            Click Here To Enter

Pink Clouds: A Buttery Giveaway!

lately I haven't enter to Giveaways. so here today I enter to this lovely giveaway with hope I could win something. it is 'a body butter giveaway on Pink clouds. wish me luck and don't forget to click below to enter......

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round up of favorite posts

The Beauty Specialist! Tejinder wrote an amazing review on Maybelline superstay 10H Tinted gloss in Shocking Pink.
My Noble Secrets : Review of Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara
Idée Fixe : is sharing her Current Obsession.
Girls Corner : About how Orange is useful for skin.
Celebrating Feminity : Open up your eyes with the new mascara on the block !
Health & Beauty : Going for shopping? Will you join me? HnB has reviewed a cute Asian and Korean Fashion Store. Take a look :)
Scribble Your Thoughts : Simple steps for a pedicure at home
Followindaheart : Reviewing Olay moisture balance face wash
Our External World : Need a solution for facial hair removal but in the privacy of your own home, check out this post that helps you do just that!
Cute nails : Checkout Puja's new haul..
Indian Beauty Forever : 1000 INR make up challenge
Apoorva Writes : First try at coloring hair at home.
Makeup and beauty !!! It’s a review of Khadi Fresh Jasmine soap

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round up of fav posts

Apoorva Writes : Reviewed a cleansing product which claims to work on pimples from NEXCARE
Scribble Your Thoughts : Some tips to reduce under eye bags/puffiness which have worked for me
rmyah...and more : Konad Stamping Nail art reviewed and a simple nail art design tried
MY Noble secrets : Reviewed Young discover Youthopia Foundation
Makeup and beauty !!! It’s all about Samannita's haul of September
Glittering Stars !!! Review of VOV Ultra Shine Nail Paint
Celebrating Feminity : Dress up your eyes with purple
Our External World : Going off to a party looking all pretty and suddenly you notice a Gray strand of hair shining through - here is a simple trick - a true beauty life saver!
Health & Beauty : It’s a review on Gayatri's first ever product bought by her mum. Take a look at her first experience with her first product, Shalife Nourishing Treatment
Makeup Is Art & Im An Artist !! Ever heard of seaweed used in moisturisers?? Check out this The Body shop moisturiser for oily skin!
Cute Nails : Puja is in very happy mood and she painted her nails very colourful.
Makeup Fashion & Everything I Like : How Shourima keeps herself Matte all Day!
The Beauty Specialist! A face palette meant to create two dazzling looks for a daytime & a night-out, Ray reviews Miners Duo Face Palette.
followindaheart : Swatches of Inglot lipstick refills
Impulse : Sharing her special spicy pasta for dinner recipe.
Purple Moments : She is sharing her recent haul post from UrbanTouch
Indian Beauty Forever : Smokey eye effect from MaxFactor.


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