Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spicy Pasta

Something special for Dinner is something special. I am so in love with trying new recipies. you all know that right? tfew days ago I tried this spicy pasta for dinner. but this time I didn't follow a recipe, just cook as I feel..

'Pasta' you can try hundred of recipies with it. everytime it taste different. now stop bla.. bla.. bla.. and lets have a quick look how I made it.


boiled pasta
pasta sauce
cooked chicken 
1 chopped onion
1 green chilli
curry leaves
chopped capsicum
grated carrot
chilli flakes
black pepper powder

How to make 

Heat the pan add some oil, cook onion, chicken, green chilli, curry leaves, until golden brown. add capsicum and chopped carrot. cook it for 2 mins, add some salt. add pasta sauce. sprinkle some chilli flakes and pepper as per your taste. add it to boiled pasta, sprinkle some crushed cumin and pepper seeds. garnish it as you like and ready to eat.

pasta sauce

I experiment a sauce recipe which I tried to make pizza. its easy.

1 blended tomato (with skin)
1 tbl spoon tomato sauce
pinch of crushed cumin seeds, black pepper, and other spices as your taste
water as needed

add one by one to make a thick paste.when it become dry while cooking sprinkle some water. 

I felt this recipe is kinda different than what I used to cook often. and its delicious too.hope you like it too..:)
Give your comments, and share your favourite pasta dishes too.

NBBN Monthly Giveaway & Contest alerts

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Monday, September 24, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round Ups of Fav Posts

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Quick Paper Flower work~ NBBN RED THEME POST~

* before I start my post I want to inform, that as a Member of Newbie Beauty Bloggers Network, monthly theme post  is a part of our group activity. this month theme is red. so this post is dedicated to NBBN Group.

I came up with the idea of handmade craft for red theme. I wanted to do something without spending money. so I peep all over the house to find things to make something quick and easy. I usually love handworks from my school days. those days I was crave for handcrafts everytime. like twins paper and me never depart. my mom says I always with a piece of paper and writing or drawing something on it. although I have a crazy habit to collect waste papers & cardboards. I never wanted them to go to dustbin. ;) crazy yeah! thanks for that habit, Icould find some papers on my I recycle them to make a cute flower work.

I forgot to capture while I making it, if so it would be easy for explaining. but anyway it's super easy to do. lets have a step by step look.
Step 1 : on a cardboard draw a flower shape, and cut it. I cut them in two sizes.(to make some little flowers too)

Step 2 : got some half sheets, colour sheets would be best. but I paint white paper for this. (brown paper also work well) cut some petals using the cardboard. crush each and colour them. cut some leaves and colour them too. 

Step 3 : paste petals one by one as much as you want. I used 5 petals to make a flower. finish it by adding  a bead to middle.

Step 4 : cut a piece of cardboard in to any shape.( I cut a rectangle piece first, after paste flowers adjust the shape to match the flower design.) you can decorate it as you like. I just paste a red cardboard piece on the top to match red theme.

Finally paste the flowers and the leaves on the decorated cardboard piece. I can either use it as a table decor or hang it on the wall. 

Extra Tips : make it in the different sizes, and hang them on wall. they will look WOW!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~Pink Clouds~The Lady with the Clutch ~ Giveaway!

Its Red and Cute..a clutch that store my importent things..or a clutch that I can carry my makeup things with me..
I just enetered to Pink Clouds  The Lady with The Clutch Giveaway to win this Cute thing. there Is Raining Giveaways on Pink Clouds. ckeck them out and enter this cute Giveaway to try your luck to win a sweet little red Clutch.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

~Pink Clouds~Steal my Heart Giveaway!

Another Beautiful Giveaway from Pink Clouds.Open only to Sri lanka & India.
To win this pretty Heart Locket Necklace.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

~Pink Clouds Giveaway~ Win a bottle of 100% pure Argan Oil! ~

Pink clouds Giving away 100% Pure, Multi purpose, Argan Oil known as Morocco's Liquid Gold. it's Open Worldwild, so hurry. To more Details and to enter Giveaway..
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round-up of Favourite Post

Makeup and Beauty !!! It is a review of Khadi Herbal Shampoo in honey & almond.
Celebrating Feminity : A tutorial on how to line the eyes, Tanmayee makes an attempt to make it easy to do for even beginners.
Purple Moments : Reviewed Colorbar soft touch lipstick – of Matina.
Apoorva Writes : For the first time ever Apoorva tried her hand on eye makeup.

Cute nails :Puja got her new cheeky plates…see the post here.
Girls corner : Tips for spa at home.
Make Up Fashion & Everything I Like : Mila Kunis Inspired for Smokey Eye Tutorial!

Clean & CLear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial wash

"a refreshing face wash for everyday use, wake me up in the morning with the lemongrass and fruit extracts.. clean and freshen up your skin. oil-free and keep your face shine and oil less..." doesn't that sound like a face wash advertisement.. well that is my attempt to describe the big name of this greeny bottle face wash.     most of the times products we use doesn't work as we hope. But, what I said in the begining about this face wash is not completely my imagination. 

It is an unusual shape of a bottle and kind a funny look, isn't it? 
bottle is visible, so I can see I've finished more than half from the bottle. so definitely I must know every part of this product. 
so here is the rapid review of 'Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial wash.'

  • Smell : citrus based smell. fresh and nice. 
  • Texture: glue texture.colourless, can see very little pieces of the greeny thing which is in the bottle.they are not scrubs.
  • How It Works: I have a normal to oil remove oil and dirt on my face. skin look fresh and shine. doesn't dry at all.
  • My thoughts: it doesn't help to look fresh and shiny for long. little later I can see my skin is back to oil again. over all it is work as it say, but quite for a while after wash. If your looking for an oil-free face wash that doesn't dry your skin, then you can try this.

Monday, September 10, 2012

~The Black Pearl Blog~ 2000 Follwers Giveaway

I'm so in a mood to enter Giveaways Today.. Here is an another huge Giveaway.. It's WOW!!!!!
24 Items In a International Giveaway!!

~Tattooed Tealady~ Super Big International Giveaway

I just entered to a huge Giveaway in Tattooed Tealady's Blog..It is awesome.....bunch of products in a International Giveaway isn't it Great??? yes Tattooed Tealady Giving away 29 items to One super lucky winner.

Tattooed Tealady's Super Big International Giveaway Picture

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NBBN Weekly Round-ups of favourite posts

Purple Moments : Smita posted her views on Elle18 Lipstick.
The Beauty Specialist! : Deborah Milano eye Precisione Liquid Eyeliner in Black- a happy or a crappy product? Read Ray’s review to know more about it.
The not so pink blog : Avon dual sided eyeshadow and eyeliner swatched and reviewed by Shivani.
Celebrating Feminity : A bridal inspired EOTD by Tanmayee
Makeup and beauty!!! It’s a pre-announcement of Samannita's first giveaway that is starting from 7th of September.
Make Up Fashion & Everything I Like : See Shourima’s most worn TAG for the last Summer Season!
Apoorva Writes : Apoorva reviewed and swatched Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Plumping Lipcolor in Mischievous Mauve.
Indian Beauty Forever : Niesha Jeenwal’s first buy from Inglot Eye shadow- Freedom System.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Resting Days!!

You might already have noticed my lack of updates. the reason behind it is not that I'm lazy, or very busy with something. I am on my happiest and biggest stage of my life. No more suspense. I'm Pregnant.Yes!! isn't that the happiest thing a woman can be. but all that happiness comes with some difficulties. I am talking about all day morning sickness.(I don't know why it is called morning sickness when it makes a pregnant woman feel sick throughout the day) it is very hard to eat, and feel good if I can sleep whole day long. and vomiting is one of hardest thing I'm having these days.because of this 'neusea' I'm not doing anything properly, (feel to do nothing).I tried to be normal as much as I can, but I can't. I miss my family a lot,, if they are with me, they will take care of everything & I can rest, rest, rest and rest. any way I know it is a normal thing during pregnancy and I have to go through this.I just passed my second month so hope it'l be alright in a month, when I pass the first trimester.
By the way I thought to pre notified you all that I'm having rest, and its more important to take care of me little more.I have some pending post, which are half edited. hope to complete them and post, But it'll take time because I'm working slow..I don't want stress my self. and I'll keep visit blogger & facebook everyday and will check my mails and reply, so no worries. I am just being invisible.that's all... :)
Hope you all can understand me..!!


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