Monday, September 24, 2012

Quick Paper Flower work~ NBBN RED THEME POST~

* before I start my post I want to inform, that as a Member of Newbie Beauty Bloggers Network, monthly theme post  is a part of our group activity. this month theme is red. so this post is dedicated to NBBN Group.

I came up with the idea of handmade craft for red theme. I wanted to do something without spending money. so I peep all over the house to find things to make something quick and easy. I usually love handworks from my school days. those days I was crave for handcrafts everytime. like twins paper and me never depart. my mom says I always with a piece of paper and writing or drawing something on it. although I have a crazy habit to collect waste papers & cardboards. I never wanted them to go to dustbin. ;) crazy yeah! thanks for that habit, Icould find some papers on my I recycle them to make a cute flower work.

I forgot to capture while I making it, if so it would be easy for explaining. but anyway it's super easy to do. lets have a step by step look.
Step 1 : on a cardboard draw a flower shape, and cut it. I cut them in two sizes.(to make some little flowers too)

Step 2 : got some half sheets, colour sheets would be best. but I paint white paper for this. (brown paper also work well) cut some petals using the cardboard. crush each and colour them. cut some leaves and colour them too. 

Step 3 : paste petals one by one as much as you want. I used 5 petals to make a flower. finish it by adding  a bead to middle.

Step 4 : cut a piece of cardboard in to any shape.( I cut a rectangle piece first, after paste flowers adjust the shape to match the flower design.) you can decorate it as you like. I just paste a red cardboard piece on the top to match red theme.

Finally paste the flowers and the leaves on the decorated cardboard piece. I can either use it as a table decor or hang it on the wall. 

Extra Tips : make it in the different sizes, and hang them on wall. they will look WOW!!!!


  1. such a nice idea.. :) Loved your interlinks too

  2. Creative Shamshath
    I love DIY crafts :)
    I willsurely try

    1. try its easy.You can even find some youtube videos related to paper flowers.:) same pinch, its fun to do such things right?.



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