Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clean & CLear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial wash

"a refreshing face wash for everyday use, wake me up in the morning with the lemongrass and fruit extracts.. clean and freshen up your skin. oil-free and keep your face shine and oil less..." doesn't that sound like a face wash advertisement.. well that is my attempt to describe the big name of this greeny bottle face wash.     most of the times products we use doesn't work as we hope. But, what I said in the begining about this face wash is not completely my imagination. 

It is an unusual shape of a bottle and kind a funny look, isn't it? 
bottle is visible, so I can see I've finished more than half from the bottle. so definitely I must know every part of this product. 
so here is the rapid review of 'Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial wash.'

  • Smell : citrus based smell. fresh and nice. 
  • Texture: glue texture.colourless, can see very little pieces of the greeny thing which is in the bottle.they are not scrubs.
  • How It Works: I have a normal to oil skin.it remove oil and dirt on my face. skin look fresh and shine. doesn't dry at all.
  • My thoughts: it doesn't help to look fresh and shiny for long. little later I can see my skin is back to oil again. over all it is work as it say, but quite for a while after wash. If your looking for an oil-free face wash that doesn't dry your skin, then you can try this.


  1. I dint like their recent facewashes much :)

  2. nice!

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