Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Resting Days!!

You might already have noticed my lack of updates. the reason behind it is not that I'm lazy, or very busy with something. I am on my happiest and biggest stage of my life. No more suspense. I'm Pregnant.Yes!! isn't that the happiest thing a woman can be. but all that happiness comes with some difficulties. I am talking about all day morning sickness.(I don't know why it is called morning sickness when it makes a pregnant woman feel sick throughout the day) it is very hard to eat, and feel good if I can sleep whole day long. and vomiting is one of hardest thing I'm having these days.because of this 'neusea' I'm not doing anything properly, (feel to do nothing).I tried to be normal as much as I can, but I can't. I miss my family a lot,, if they are with me, they will take care of everything & I can rest, rest, rest and rest. any way I know it is a normal thing during pregnancy and I have to go through this.I just passed my second month so hope it'l be alright in a month, when I pass the first trimester.
By the way I thought to pre notified you all that I'm having rest, and its more important to take care of me little more.I have some pending post, which are half edited. hope to complete them and post, But it'll take time because I'm working slow..I don't want stress my self. and I'll keep visit blogger & facebook everyday and will check my mails and reply, so no worries. I am just being invisible.that's all... :)
Hope you all can understand me..!!


  1. Hi.....Congrats...... :)

    Im a new blogger...just came across ur blog..itz really nice....Have followed u....

    wud love it if u dropped by sometime...



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