Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Autumn Wishlist ~NBBN THEME POST~

Autumn is an awesome season.. lovely enviorenment, coloured autumn foliage is specially notable in this season. and climate changes, halloween celibrations are also happening around this season. although winter is not so far now. so NBBN group members choose Autumn/Halloween theme posts for this month. I already told about theme posts in my last month (theme) post. as a group activity I will publish a theme post every month.I saw some shops started autumn sales, so I thought to do a wishlist since I didn't try one yet. so here my Autumn Wishlist.

need some casual T-shirts. as my little baby bump is showing off now I feel more comfortable in free size dresses, and I don't want them to throw away right after pregnancy as well. 

winter is on the way, I may need some sweaters and overcoats..

didn't forget my theme 'Autumn'.. these dresses remembering me colourful tree leaves in autumn season.

so what you think about my Wishlist? share your opinions with me..

*Pictures are from,



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