Thursday, July 19, 2012

janet Strawberry Deep Cleansing Face Wash Review

Since I start blogging, I haven't done a review post yet..soo I thought to share my thoughts on a product which I love these days..not because all the bloggers are doing it, but just for a change.
anyway here is my first review post ever,, it is about janet strawberry deep cleansing fash wash. when I started to use my first face wash (not this one) I had an extremly oily face. eventhough that product help me to reduce the extra oilness, but after 2, 3 years using it I felt that product quality is not like as I stop using it,and  went to another two more brands, but they let my face really dry.yet I have an oily face. so I stop using them too. and then 3 months before I picked up this one 'janet strawberry deep cleansing face wash' and it is really friendly to my face.

It says it is for normal-oily skin, and contain strawberry+aloe vera+sarsaparilla and vetrivel..
I love this tube for several reason,

1.I really love the color of this tube.
2.It smells so good. a refreshing smell. though I really cant say it is strawberry smell or what. because I am very poor in catching smells, But I can say its a natural's smell.
3. very soft foaming, mild and not much thick texture. but a little is more enough to whole face & neck. infact im using one tube nearly for a month.
4.I love the fresh cool feeling after wash it off. a really very cool feeling like menthol. I loved it.
5. it clear my face, removing make up and oilness, and not drying my skin. 
6. I felt it is a natural product. is a sri lankan product of janet ayurveda.
8.its having halal certificate of all ceylon jamiyyathul ulama. it means its free of animal fats and alcohol.

as I say before I really love the smell, for real it makes me to taste it. it taste like acid, as same as some creams taste. crazyness isn't? what else can say? but come on,  don't you ever taste such a smell product?

I move to another country so I'm not sure whether I can buy the same product again. a bit sad and curious to try a new one. so hopefully I can do another review post soon. because I find out it is much interesting.
soo its my review. let me know your views about this post..:D

P.S  :all the things I post about this product is in my opinion.make sure to buy products that suits your skin type.



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