Sunday, July 8, 2012

~Preciouse Gift From God To Your Mom And Then To You.~

God makes bonds between us, from our mother's womb, till we die. even Before you born god made a bond between you and your mother. and while you grow, you eventually made a bond between your dad. as same as we all made bonds between the people around us. some may ever lasting, and few are broken in the halfway.
for me, my life is circled by those bonds. specially my mom, dad, brother, sister and very specially my husband. those people are who lives in my head always. unfortunately or fortunately (Im confused what to choose) whatever, I had to leave that circle as I moved to an other country to live with my loving husband. sadly Im missing my sister very much, who is very close me. I know she missing me too. :(
soo this post is dedicating to her and all the loving sisters who misssing thier sisters right now..yes, its about sisters.

as you grow up you may having a lots of friends,, no matter how many friend you've got. they will leave you someday, may be they never thought to leave you but with the time it happens. BUT  if you having a sister, it means a forever friend is with you. no matter she is elder or younger, she can be a good friend for you.

while all your friends are busy with thier lives, she will always with you.
when you feel alone, she will cares you..
she is someone who you can share all your sorrows and happiness along.
Perhaps at a time she is annoying, Sometimes she is arrogant..

But a sister,
who cares you, who supports you, who guide you, who listen to you when no one does, and someone who, you can discuss all the little funny things, and the one who fight with you all the time, & the one who loves you, next to your mom..
is very preciouse..arent she?

that is what 'She is a Gift to your mom from God for you'  


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