Thursday, July 12, 2012

Past Is Always Past

When I am lonely, and there is no one to talk with, I used to talk to my self..(now don't think im a nut ;p)  but honestly Im talking to my self, Im arguing with me to know the facts, and rearrange my self. so if you want me to be a philosopher, better leave me alone.;) sooooooo,, In a lonely hour I was thinking about my past things, (such as my education, and some other things) and I started to regret some of them. and I started to fight with me to stop thinking.. but I couldn't. so finally I let my mind to remind all the things and I felt miserable. so I said to to my self,
" Past is always past.. may be it is bitter or it is more better than today. but neither you can change it nor you can have it again. stucking on the past may let you hopeless about the future. I know, sometimes its more harder to forget people who loves us, and it is even more harder to forget things which hurts us. however stupidity is nothing but stuck on something that we can never amend. To make our life happy, we should keep away things that can ruin our happiness. Past life is like a dustbin, no one like to peep on it, even though you throw something valuable in it, you never can have that after you throwing, because it is same as in life you never can have a moment you've had. because that moment is gone. And life gives us new things every day. everyones life may change at a moment. am I not Happy about the life Im having now? Im happy. u know it. I know that you always wants to forget things, that you just remind me. Im telling you, if you want to forget them, never remember. dont tell me, I tried hard to forget but I cant..remebering will never allow you to forget. in according to forget them you have throw them out. instead, remember the lessons past taught you. and remember not to repeat the same thing. because life is short, there no time to live if you started to regret.
and then I felt better to explain my self to not to stuck in past, as it is worthless. 

& now Im feeling much better to sharing them with you..

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