Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today Ramadhan's Special

Ramadhan is dought this is the month of fasting..but we had to make our tommy happy with foods after breaking the fast..sometimes feel lazy to make something special for ifthar,,.but for my husband I can't skip that.
so today I thought to try a new recipe..because I like to try new foods,,I can't explain my happiness when it turn out so good.don't ask me how I feel when it fail.because its terrible.:( 
but today no such husband kidded me till I prepare this..but it came out very Im happy..
here is STUFFED PITA BREAD which made my day special today.

I found this recipe on fauzia's kitchen fun website.I was bit afraid to cook it on a pan, as it look like a bun I thought it wil not cook in the middle well.but I'm is perfect.
I captured last three pieces as I thought to do this quick post.I fill it with a chicken filling.and had it with sos.

fauzia's kitchen fun website has lots of yummy recipes..I had tried few of them and I need to try all of them.:)
such a greediness.;) haha..anyway I'm linking her website here. so you can also try them.


  1. Ooh this looks utterly delicious. Will surely check out fauzias recipes . Happy Ramadan.

    1. yeah,,it is.:) going to make it again & again..let us know your attempt on her recipies.and I'm looking forward to post about more newses about follow me up..leave your blog here,, so I can follow you back..:)
      thank you

  2. It does look so very good. I am going to have to check out all of those recipes!

  3. dought you'll love them.:)



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