Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reasons My Husband Drives Me Crazy

topic is bit funny, but actually it can be disaster at the same time, if my husband look in to it.. but so far as I know he never read any of my blog post.. ;)
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here are the reasons my husband drives me crazy

#1 He never keep things in right place

if he wants something I have to find it for him, because he never remeber where he kept them. I dont know whether he lazy or crazy, he never put his clothes to wash until I found them dirt..

#2 Forgets the garbage bin

I can find snack packets, tissues, wasted papers at the floor or at the table. may be he forget that things must go in to garbage.

#3 Helping??

sometimes he is really kind to help me to clean home.but after he cleaning, I might have to clean again..

#4 Savings

when we shopping we dicide to pick up cheap and best things,,, when I choose one and he choose another one, by saying this is cheaper than that when they diffrent with 1 or 2 riyals. I stil cant understand his saving method, but better not talk about it as its really deep. ;)

after all, he is so depend on me when at home. I think thats because he trust me that I will take care of everything about him. eventhough he drives me crazy all the time,still he is the best Husband I can ever have. as same as this list I can listed even more about why he is the best husband I can ever have.

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