Saturday, August 11, 2012

~My Secret Crush~ review

being bit lazy these, not exactly lazy, exhausted by the Ifthar prorammes, and eid shopping. you know how it busy in the festival season.
so here today I came to my blogging world with another review post.
reviewing my 'Secret Crush' today..yes!! strait to the point!
I'm having a secret crush since last 2 months.ahh!! 
are you like "What"?????

No suspens!
meet my Secret Crush here,
Goya Secret Crush
it is a Body Spray comes with the name 'Secret Crush'.
before 2 months ago I bought from a local shop in sri lanka..
at the store I didn't like the smell though. I bought it only because my sister recommend it as a good smell. but nowadays I love to spray it after night bath.
so here my review for goya Secret Crush.

First of all I don't know why they name it as 'Secret Crush'. may be because it is perfect for a date night with your secret crush. or shall I say it is secret of crush..whatever!

  • Smell -  A strong smell. I feel it like baby colong. ideal for long lasting smell through out the leaves a powdery smell until next day. a loudy smell, so spraying a little is more enough.
  • How to spray - even if it is a body spray I feel like burning it on under arms. so I always spray it on my dress. except that I spray a little with 15cm distance on pulse areas, specially on two sides of neck
    tip: When you go out better spray it before 15 mins.
  • Why I like This - a thin pinky girlish bottle, can easily carrying with your bag, long lasting smell, and my hubby like it.
  • What I Hate In This I can't bear it's stongest scent if I spray a little more accidently. 
  • Will I recommend it - if you like srtong & long lasting baby colong smell then this is perfect for you. if your too sensitive to scents, then this is not the right product for you.
btw isn't it going well with my pinky backgroung? 


  1. Nice post.... Btw I have an award for you. Pls check my blog.



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