Sunday, August 26, 2012

Break The Silent

For the past few days I've been so silent on blogging and even on my facebook. I never been like that.I can't tolerate it anymore, so I thought this is the time to break my silent. but believe me that break is for an actual reason. :)

How was my Ramzan festival

you know last week we muslims completed our ramzan fasting and celibrate our festival. well actually even I have reasons to say this is my happiest ramzan, I can't say this is my best eid(festival) as long as it is without my whole family. me and my husband felt it hard. but thank god we got some wonderful friends like a family. we went to beach for a BBQ night and play games and had lots of fun. and the next day was dead tired so slept whole day.

What was my Eid special

I made some sweets gulab jamun, sweet and spicy bites, Wattalapan (a favourite dessert of sri lankan muslims..steamed pudding made from egg, coconut milk and jaggery.) 

What I did after ramzan

Nothing, but sleeping. nowadays I always looking for a sleep as I frequently feel exhausted.
and this weekend we again went to a BBQ night at beach. this time we spent there till sunrise. at 9.00 a.m we reached the home and slept like nothing.

What I am up to now

Well, having some posts on mind. Hope I can post them soon. looking forward to shop some products I need. under eye treatment, face scrub and moisturizing lotion is in top of the list. 

Thanks for new followers, You know I'm following you all back.. :) 

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