Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Blog Award

YAY!! My first Blog award.

Thank you,, Nivedita of Indian Belle & Chic musings at for awarding me.. awards like this really an appreciation.

as per the Rules, I need to do:
  • Post 11 things about me.
  • Answer the taggers Questions
  • Tag and Pass Award to 11 other bloggers.
  • Create 11 Questions for the bloggers to Answer
  • Go to the bloggers page and Inform them about the Award.

11 things about me

  1. Reading is my childhood hobby. 
  2. I got married at my 19.
  3. my home town is Colombo, Sri lanka.
  4. Currently I'm living in Doha, qatar with my Husband.
  5. I'm a mehendi craze and I love collocting mehendi designs, appllying it on parms, and smelling it.
  6. I love Drinking Apple juice in the morning.
  7. Out of all the flavours in Ice cream, Strawberry is my all time favourite.
  8. Only thing I ever regret is that I left my studies without completing, even I got a chance to continue.
  9. I never had boyfriends.
  10. I love go out for a walk, and for shopping.
  11. I'm a coffee fan.

My Answers to Indianbelly 

  • What is that one moment of your life that you’ll cherish always?
    every moment in my wedding.

  • Your favourite colour is……
    currently Pink. often changing.

  • A woman from your family or acquaintance, apart from your mother, whom you adore and admire. My sister, I have lot of things to learn from her.

  • What is that one thing you look for, when you make friends for the first time?
    way of Talking..

  • What is your dream travel destination?
    Egypt. I was overwhelmed by pyramid stories.

  • Which female celebrity do you think is a real Indian woman, whom we all can relate to? no idea. what you think!!!
  • Suppose, you can buy only 1 item from these items— a fabulous LBD, a Revlon lipstick of your favourite shade and a designer leather bag. Which one would you choose?
    of course Designer leather bag.
  • Which place would you like to re-visit, given a choice?
    uphills, in Sri lanka. (including Nuwara eliya, bandarawela, kandy.)
  • Name three things you rely upon to give yourself an instant makeover on the days you don’t look your best.
    eye liner, lip balm and a smile.
  • Which female celebrity according to you needs a styling change and why?
    Priyanka chopra,  almost now everyone know about her brown lipstic. it would be nice if she go with suitable lipstic shade with her clothes.atleast for a change.
  •  A trend or a fad of yesteryears you are still in love with and may try out.
    make up..

My Answers for Chic musings

1) Do you believe in Serendipity? Yes
2) Which is your All-time-Fave Movie? Dilwale dulhaniya lejayenge
3) Do you like the color Yellow? Yes
4) Have you ever been in Love? Yes,, from the I was engaged to my husband
5) One Makeup thing, you can't live without? Eye Liner
6) Are you a Lipbalm Addict? Right
7) Did you fell and broke your teeth, when you were a kid? No, did you?
8) One Random word that comes to your mind. 'What to dinner'
9) Lipstick or Lipgloss? Lipgloss
10) If your Life was a movie, which it would be? No idea, :)
11) Pink or Pink? :P :P

and I tag this award to:

My questions,,

  1. What is your favourite place to spend holidays?
  2. What is your view toward makeup?
  3. Who is your favourite musician?
  4. Fruity smells or Flowers?
  5. How long you using a toothbrush?
  6. Which habit you wan't to stop, but you can't?
  7. Do you like pets?
  8. Do you believe world gonna end by this year as lot of predictions?
  9. Black or White?
  10. bangles or bracelets?
  11. How long your blogging?
I completed all the rules and Recieved my Award..


  1. Hey loved your answers :) I am not sure about blog award tags, dunno what to do:P Anyways following you (najm nisa ),if you wish to you could follow my blog :))

    1. thank you. you have to follow the same rules that I've mensioned. Thats all.:)
      and already following you..:) thank you for following back.

  2. Thanks a lot !! Shamsath for the award !! :)

  3. That's so cute Shamsath =)
    I loved your answers :D
    And Congratulations for your first blog award :D



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