Monday, November 5, 2012

feel a sweet bite of Coconut Toffee

Coconut toffee is in top of my most favourite sweets. usually I never refuse to take a bite and taste any of sweet dish. as same as I love sweets, you have no idea how much spices I need to my spicy dishes. well that was a hot topic. today I need to be sweet and calm. so I took countless bites from my homemade Coconut toffees. a quick an easy dish to make. a bite of sweetness with crush of coconuts. perfect for surprise your surprise visitors.

Lets see How it made..
No lot ingrediants.. 
1 cup finely grated coconut
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
pinch of grounded cardamom
bit of salt
food colouring (Gentle Pink or Green look awesome)

mix the sugar, grated coconut and water in a deep pan over medium heat. let the mixer boil and give a stir now and then. meanwhile get a baking or anything with a little grease of butter on it. add food colouring to the boiling mixer and mix well. stir salt and grounded cardomom. 
adding a bit of salt (a very little bit) to sweets will help to get a rich flavour of sweetness. 
when the mixture reaches a soft ball consistency, pour the mixture into the baking pan or something which you already prepared. let it cool and cut into pieces. 
I never stay until it cools. so I took first few bites before it ready to serve. hehe. it will vanish withing hour or so. try it, taste it and you'll definetly gonna love it. 
Don't forget to tell me your favourite sweets recipies..



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