Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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This is my first post almost after a year. I kinda quit blogging because of less access to the laptop and by being busy enjoying my motherhood with my daughter. I tried few mobile blog apps like blogger for mobile, Blogway but they are not easy to work like on computer. so I gave up that too.
Now I think I can manage my time for blogging as my daughter is 2 years old. Though I am having my second baby in two more months, I still think I can find bit of time for myself to do stuffs I like.
With this new start I thought like changing my blog name and domain because I want my blog and mehndi page and if I start something else to do in future should go by matching name. so people can identify my works through it. if you have any name suggestions let me know. 

I will be update the blog with a new look and name withing a week. I hope you'll enjoy my posts as you do before. watch this space to see product reviews, food recipes, mummy things, random ladies stuffs and bit of my thoughts... see you!!!

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