Thursday, May 22, 2014

GOLDEN ROSE dip liner liquid eyeliner review

Well, here I am with a review post again. willing to fill up my make-up bag with some new products so before that I hope to review each product in it.

Today I chose this Golden Rose dip liner liquid eyeliner. It's not a one of a popular branded ones. Though I found some reviews about it. I never used a product from this brand before. But It's not about the brand everytime.

"This liquid eyeliner is easily applicable with its practical brush. Creates deep and mysterious gaze with its rich color, lasting and fast dry texture."

This is how website discribe it. But I can't accept it completely. I tell you why.

I bought this at Ansar gallery in Citycentre mall over a year ago when I was on a visit to Doha.I couldn't remember the price. But it was somewhat cheap comparing to other popular brand eyeliners. 

I used to pencil eyeliners and this was the first dip eyeliner I ever bought. Frankly I am not an eye liner pro, still a learner I am. I may erase, wash, redraw several times while using an eye liner. so this Golden Rose eye liner's fading and washable quality is so helping me to learn to draw nearly perfect eyeliner. Yes, it is fading so quickly . And you can rub it off easily too. Obviously it doesn't suit for long make-up days. But as a newbie its almost not a problem for me. I will tell you more about this little dip liner.

It's a very tiny bottle with a brush in long easy to hold tailed like lid.

the brush in it gives the fine lines and you can easily draw your desired eyeliner. 

Liquid type. Dark black stain. Dry quickly. Fade off so easily. Long lasting power depending on you. It will stay until you rub/wipe your eyes or you wash it off. This is the reason I couldn't accept what website claims. Though it's fading quality not at all a problem for me, it's a disadvantage. However we all love eyeliners with long staying without smudge and fading off.

Only for eyeliner. Never for waterline. Never for the inner part of the eyes. not even a bit. I accidently applied a bit on upper inner line and its kinda burning. Scary... But if handled properly  nothing to worry.

cheap. Handy. Good for beginners.

It's an OK product for me. Not so good or not so bad. If you need to practice to draw a perfect eyeliner. This is for you. You can wipe it with a tissue and redraw until you get it right. But if your a makeup pro or you need an eyeliner that stay for long. then forget this. This is certainly not for you. 

I am kinda get bored to see this in my makeup bag everyday. And I think I enough practicing with this. So next time I rather go to Maybelline or L'oreal Paris for thier staying power. If your already using them. Share your thoughts with me.  So I can decide to by this or that.

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