Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I bought this LAKM E EYECONIC KAJAL after almost two years. I already reviewed H&M Solid Black Eyeliner and Golden rose dipliner which I being used. I usually don't buy any makeup or skincare products until I finished what I have already got. though I like to review every makeup products from all the brands I am afraid to buy them because I don't use makeup on daily basis. I don't know if I should mention this here. However I like to keep reviews on my used products so that I can look back on them and consider to buy them even after few years later.

you may hear a lot about LAKME EYECONIC KAJAL. But this is my version of review on this.


I've got LAKME EYECONIC KAJAL in Black. You also can find other colors on this range but black is my favorite and it goes well with every dress you wear. This KAJAL seems very promising as it claims 10 hours NO SMUDGE and WATERPROOF. I am not sure if this KAJAL completely works as it say. Because it Fades away when I rub or wash. This can be wash it off with soap and water but for safe side I use almond oil or olive oil as a makeup remover. some kajals and eyeliners cannot wipe away completely with almond or olive oil as they still leave some stain. But LAKME EYECONIC easily got removed completely. I dont know if this happens only with me because I've read many reviews telling how good this KAJAL is. Well, I have to say if comparing to the other kajals and eyeliners LAKME eyeconic doesn't smudge all over my eyes.  But it fades away.


  • Doesn't smudge all over my eyes.
  • Though its a kajal it look like an eyeliner pencil. which is very easy to use and I can control how dark and thick my eyeliner wanted to be.
  • Achieve a smokey eye look easily.

What I dont like about LAKME EYECONIC KAJAL are

  • Not completely Waterproof.
  • Need to draw two three strokes. Otherwise it has a pale black stain.
  • fades away soon. If I rub my eyes thoroughly with Kajal on my eyes it doesn't smudge but fades away.

    you can see one stroke is very pale. for dark black stain I drew several lines.

    After 45 minute I thoroughly rub it. one stroke line disappeared and other line almost fade away. if it take a little time to set in then 45 minute is more than enough. right?? and happily no smudge there.

    1st picture(left side) is after wash the lines with water and pat dry. you can see stains almost gone. second picture took after washing using soap.

  • However only thing I am happy to buy this because it doesn't smudge like other kajals. I have to draw many times to get a darker look but I am happy that I can remove them all easily.

    If you are looking for a Smudge proof Kajal then this is for you. If you like darker stain with waterproof one then this is definitely not for you. comment below and tell me what is your favorite kajal or eyeliner.

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