Friday, April 10, 2015

Basics of DIY Hair Cut

Have you ever cut your hair by your self? Does that sound risky?? for me its not. I agree that if you want to do a particular hair cut then you should meet a professional. I too ran to a hairdresser once or twice for a haircut but every 3 months I trim and cut my hair alone. though I couldn't cut my hair or someone else's like a professional do, I am OK with a simple layered hair or U,V cut with some bangs which I pretty much doing well. 

I tried a long layered cut with my sister's hair by following step by step instructions in a ladies magazine. It came out perfect. but when I tried the same style with my hair, I found it bit difficult without a helper.

I watched many you tubers doing DIY haircut videos. some are awesome and some girls just chopping their hair as they wish. A proper hair cut is very important because it can change your whole appearance. so be patient and take lot of time as possible when Doing it alone. 

After practising over 4 years now I can do a simple hair cut alone. Cutting U or V cut is super easy for me and it gives an extra volume to my hair. and with some bangs it looks perfect. but If you afraid to do it by yourself don't ever try it. when you cutting your hair alone You should be confident and be ready to accept the outcome. 

As I mentioned I've go through a lot of you tube videos and articles about hair cutting before I started doing it alone. 
These are some basic Tips you will need when you cutting your hair alone. again to mention I am not a professional. I learned by practising and through experience. 
  1. Have Time
    never cut hair in hurry. stay calm and be patience. don't do any thing else while hair cutting. concentrate on what your doing.
  2. Plan
    plan how you going to cut hair. choosing a you tube video as a guide helps lot. And decide how much length you need. keep on mind when your hair dries it will look shorter.
  3. cut in front of a mirror. and have a sharp scissor, layer knife, hair clips, hair wools, comb, and a spray bottle. If you can have a helper with you who basically have any knowledge about hair cuts or at least a person who can tell if your cutting evenly on both sides. if not have an extra mirror for back view. 
  4. Every time cut a little hair at a time. and Do not ever cut a lot. because your hair look shorter when it dries. if you shorten your hair too much it will be more shorter when you tries to give a straight cut if in case your hair cut didn't came out well.. but if you cut carefully by following instructions there are no chances for mistakes.Check and measure the both sides to check if you cutting them in the same length. It will look bad when you didn't evenly cut on both sides. then your haircut will also look imperfect. 
  5. Keep your hair wet with a spray bottle or cut your hair after a bath. Our hair will be thinner and longer when its wet. apply some argon oil or conditioner your hair to manage it easier.
Do not feel bad if you didn't get the look of your imagination. practise make everything perfect. I will share a you tube video I found sometimes ago which I think is easy and perfect way to trim my hair alone.

and this one is the easiest and informative step by step by step Video tutorial ever. 
 I used this method to trim my haircut which I had by a hairdresser 3 months ago. 

I haven't had a worst hair cut by trying to cut my hair alone until now. if you too want to cut your hair alone try on your own risk. 
I know its very bad to not to add my own haircut pictures when I am talking so much about DIY haircut. But I'l do a picture tutorial on layer cut with a dummy or a model to show you how I am doing it. 
Hope you Like this post. Comment your views, and experiences in hair cutting.
Good Day to you!!

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