Sunday, July 5, 2015

Birth Announcement and little more from the life.

UMotherhood is fun and easy. Said no mum ever. But every moment is a moment to cherish. Well, not every moment. There are moments that we really wonder if we can handle them. But thankfully they don't last longer. If you've been reading my posts you already knew I was expecting my baby #2. I delivered a baby boy on may 27th at was a  quick birth compared to my daughter's birth. I am not comfortable enough to share my birth stoeries on a media though I like to keep a journal on pregnancy to birth. So if incase I want to get pregnant again I can read them and decide if I really want to go through it again. LOL! But I didn't keep a journal either.

I am trying to update the blog with the birth Announcement ever since my little handsome born. But couldn't finish editing the post.

He is pretty much sleep through the night. But almost awake in the day time. When he is awaken he wanted to be held and rock all day. It's hard to calm him down otherwise.

Whenever he crying dear daughter scream and cry if everyone at home giving their attention to her brother to calm him down. It's quite frustrating so I try to take care of little handsome everytime because dear daughter doesn't like anyone else to give their attention to her new brother. because she was the only one ruling the home last two years. I don't expect her to understand that he also need everyone's love and attention just like her. She is too small to act like a big sister. I hope she will share and get along with him as they grow up. I can say she really like him because she checking him out every now and then though it's hard her to accept the new change completely. I see it as a good sign.

We are trying to pay a little extra attention for her as she is being more adamant and having tantrums almost all day which I think to grab the attention. She usually used to have evening tantrums and now her brother join with her to give some real fun of motherhood to their mummy. Thankfully I don't face these crying and screaming all alone, Because my family is helping with me to take care of the kids.

Anyway, I know raising kids not easy. I am not regretting to be a mom either. They made my life fulfilled.

II don't want to bore you with more. But I really like to talk about kids. Meet you in another post soon. Good Day to you!

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