Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hello lovelies!! After loooong break. If you have been visit my blog and facebook page regurally you may know that I was pregnant. I had a baby girl on 7th  April. It’s a news.
The reason I have been absent quite long time is I was more concentrate on getting ready for baby arrive and spending a lot of time with family. But as things getting normal I thought this is high time I should get back to my favorite blogger thing.  So here I am back.

Like most of new mommies my biggest conscious after having baby is my body. Dark pigments on some parts of skin like neck, armpit, belly. Stretch marks. And be on shape. No matter what remedies we try, How much conscious we are about that, we can’t avoid them happening. And it is not possible to get rid of them as quick we hope. Well but this is not something where I talk how to get rid of them. So let’s go to topic.

MOMMY & ME STRETCH MARK CREAM is something I chose to help me to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy. I have been used this on my third trimester. alternatively I used a mixture of same amount of almond & olive oil to massage my belly now and then.  I make my review in short.

MOMMY & ME STRETCH MARK CREAM is to help diminish stretch marks before and after pregnancy.

Smell: hard to explain. Some may hate while some may feel it has a nice smell. For me it is not something special but sure not an unbearable smell.

Texture:  off white in color,  watery type cream.

How to use: it is recommended to use 2 to 4 times a day as needed. As I use this along with olive & almaond oil, I only used this 2 times a day. All you need is to gently massage this on tummy after wash.

Result:  couldn’t say I got positive result at all. But this cream sure help me from itchiness and moisturize well. Anyway there is no cream to diminish stretch marks whatsoever.May be I should use this even after giving birth to see a better result. May be!! But I omit to buy this again as it quite expencive.  But I will not quit trying. so I switch to my alternative option almond and olive oil combination. And also in search of more tips and remedies to be quit of stretch marks.

Now tell me have you tried this cream to prevent stretch marks? And does it help?
and also share your thoughts, experiences,  tips and remedies which help reduse stretch marks.


  1. hey r u still in Qatar? i just moved here :) maybe we can meet up!

    i used loads of stuff.. bio oil, body shop butters, todlos stretch mark oil and palmers cream. I was able to keep away from stretch marks so i think something must have worked :)

    1. Missed that chance:( I came back to sri lanka few months ago. not sure if I going back again. insha allah we can meet up someday in sri lanka :)

      really? guess I have to work more hard to get rid of them.

  2. Hi Shasmath how are you dear? Nice REview :)

    1. Hi nandini! thanks..Im fine.:) how are you?



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