Monday, January 28, 2013

A Massage Ball From BLISS THERAPY

This year started with lots of hopes and wishes. while I was waiting for many things, I recieved a beautiful package by mail. something I was waiting for a while now. guess what?? its a Massage Ball. Yes! quite a different thing. well, being healthy and relaxed is more important. isn't it?

massage ball comes in a size of a tennis ball. Gives an immediate relief for anywhere of body at anytime.

How Does it work?
they don't contain herbs. they were just massage balls which gives you an instant relieve by just pressing them in pain areas. just like someone massaging you. I guess I recieved it at the correct time, as I having some pains in feet and back areas because of my pregnancy. I tried it while I was sitting in a chair. I just kept the ball on the floor. and press it by my foot and roll it around my pain areas. surprisingly it works. I felt quite relieved and relaxed.

here is message from Bliss Therapy Massage Ball
"I did some research on Natural Pain Relief during Childbirth, and I came up with YES! women do use these techniques of apply deep firm pressure (mostly to the back) to activate their bodies' natural pain relief system during labour.
'It is our pleasure to help anyone who needs pain relief because we know how they feel. As a company; helping women in childbirth is a wonderful honor.'
My friend said that they would make excellent baby shower gifts "

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check out their facebook page HERE & etsy shop HERE

*Product recieved for reviewing purpose. but it doesn't affected on my honest review.



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